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My Philosophy

​My mathematical education has led me to realize my ideas and thoughts in abstractions. My curiosity for challenges and changes is reflected in the mystical significance of the number pi with its uncountable series of volatile constellations constantly striving for something new.

With my photographic camera I look for subjects that can give shape to my ideas. The different possibilities of digital image processing help me to intensify them later on at my PC.

My works of art want to unveil the fundamental truths and man’s authenticity and to help him on his way to becoming self-determined. My images are coded messages meant to disclose what is invisible in our hectic, fast-moving and complex world. My artwork confronts the observer with this examination and invites him to decipher the underlying message.

My recent work concentrates on the digital revolution in our world with its different cultures, traditions and development stages. The new kind of influence changes our subjectivity. Politics is orchestrating this phenomenon in its own way tending towards a modern surrealism. The virtual worlds are having a strong hold on every individual and may lead to his alienation and dehumanization.

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