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My Project Limited

​Man being caged in his upbringing, his cultural background and his environment is in the focus of my project.

In our current world the cages formed by different cultures and traditions clump up and form gigantic slow-moving masses with different flow rates, reciprocal threats or standstill. They run through an odyssey in a huge labyrinth of currents.

Constantly looking for answers to his questions man lives in this unclear space where everything is in a state of flux. He does not know its beginning nor its end and he only leaves a small trace while looking for orientation without any security. Hollow solutions in parallel worlds only create an illusion of a beginning and an end.

"Man is the animal you have to explain the situation to. When it lifts its head and looks over the border of what is obvious it is concerned to find what is open. Apprehension is the appropriate answer to the surplus of what cannot be explained in the face of what has already been revealed."

(Peter Sloterdijk, Die schrecklichen Kinder der Neuzeit, 2015)

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